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It is no secret that a strategic marketing plan can propel a brand from zero to hunderd ai ultimately pumping up conversion numbers. Afterall, driving traffic to your brand and obtaining sales is the end goal. We figured it’d be great to pay tribute to the greatest marketing campaigns of all time. Read on below to see how big brands have taken their marketing to a whole new level.

Don't think - JUST DO IT.


Simple, direct and impactful. The slogan was introduced back in 1988 (Sales at $800m). Within just a short span of a decade, sales were up to $2b (With a “B”) 30 years later, the slogan is now among the most iconic and recognizable phrases EVER.

Never underestimate a “simple” slogan. When it is relatable, digestible and impactful, it could work wonders. Still thinking about your next move? Just do it.

It's practically genius.


The first print ad to revolutionize print ad. 48 years ago, this full-page paper ad made the VW Beetle the most popular car in the world. During that time, Volkswagen was a new auto player in the US, competing with the big boys such as Ford, Chevrolet and the likes.

To position themselves better to gain competive advantage, what DDB (VW’s advertisingagency of that time) did was to highlight the quirks, intelligence and oddity of the Beetle.

By February 17, 1972, Beetle No. 15,007,034 was produced, surpassing the Ford Model T as the single most successful automobile in history. Not to mention, Volkswagen built 21,529,464 Beetles in total, making it the most manufactured cars ever in history.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

It’s safe to say we all love fried chicken. So when KFC ran out of chicken one day, a lot of customers left very, very disappointed.

In February 2018 in the U.K, KFC literally ran out of chicken to serve its fans. Yes, a fried chicken company RAN OUT OF CHICKEN! Certainly, you don’t hear that every day. In order to turn the public image around, Mother London (creative agency), bought out a full-page ad space in the Metro and re-arranged the brand’s iconic 3 alphabets and spelt out “FCK” (You already know what that means)

This is KFC’s way of apologizing and admitting that this is a bit of an embarrassing situation. The public responded well to the ad and public opinion agrees that KFC combined humility, class and humor in diffusing the situation. What a cluckin’ greaat apology!

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